TIP Workshop: Building a Threat Library
Wed, July 28th, 2021 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM GMT

Analysts receive threat data in many different formats and levels of quality. Aggregating it all is difficult enough, let alone making sense of it. This includes performing quality control - data deduplication and normalization - and preparing it for dissemination and operationalization by various teams and technologies. 

Getting information into a centralized system of record is the first step and requires technology that’s flexible enough to support collecting intelligence no matter where you’re working from. 

By the end of this session, you’ll be equipped with flexible ways your security team members can ingest information and they will be able to:

  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to get high-quality intel into operations.
  • Curate and develop a single source of truth (or system of record) for aggregating and  normalizing threat intelligence 
  • Understand threat data at a deeper level than otherwise provided by the originating intel source with analytics, crowdsourced data, and machine learning
  • Have a trusted intelligence repository to reference when the additional context is necessary

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Fill out the form to reserve your spot for the Workshop!